Fuseki Revolution - How AI Has Changed Go


Go-playing AI programs have changed the very nature of professional go. Since the emergence of AlphaGo in 2016, the conventional wisdom of go has been transformed. In this book, Toramaru Shibano, one of the top players of his generation, gives his own take on the fuseki revolution. He focusses on changes in the contemporary way of thinking about go strategy, organising his analysis under the following three main headings:

  • Chapter One: The reasons why popular openings declined.
  • Chapter Two: Changes in conventional wisdom and new sets of values.
  • Chapter Three: Revolutionary new josekis invented by AI.

Shibano maintains an independent attitude about go theory and is not afraid to let us know where and why he sometimes disagrees with AI. In an appendix, Shibano gives his own recommendations on the tactics to use with openings like the sanrensei that still feature strongly in amateur go.