Dixit expansion: Quest


An expansion for Dixit (previously known as Dixit 2): 84 new cards - with beautiful illustrations by Marie Cardouat - that can be used on their own or with those from the base game (or for that matter with any of the Dixit expansion packs). The game does not contain scoring board and tokens - these are only included in the original Dixit - but does come in a smaller box, making it a more convenient holiday and travel choice. As in Dixit, one player takes on the role of Storyteller each round: they choose one card from their hand and then tell, sing or do something that in their opinion is associated with the played card. Other players then choose the card they find most fitting from their own hands. All the players' chosen cards are then shuffled and revealed, with players voting for the card they believe to be the Storyteller's. Points are scored according to the accuracy of the players' guesses and the player who has the most points wins the game.