Race the Rails


Hop aboard the London Underground and race across the city as you attempt to be the first passenger to arrive home!

Follow the routes of the famous lines, make the connections on time and try not to get held up by obstacles along the way. Keep your eyes peeled, mind the gap and stand clear of the doors!

Race the Rails is a family game that keeps everyone on their toes. Each player begins with a ‘Starting Station/Assistance Required’ card and after the youngest player announces ‘GO!’, everyone must search for their station on one of the Route cards that are laid out in front of all the players. Once they have located their station, players must note down the name of the station and the time on their answer sheets and look for the next station. Play continues until someone hits a Milestone. Milestones shake up the game and require players to complete a challenge, pay their way out of trouble or earn money on their journey.


2 - 8 Players

Age: 8+

Light Strategy