Calypso: a novel new card game by De La Rue - 1940s

$13.00 $24.00

Calypso is a brand new game from Trinidad, the land of the Calypso, embodying many of the basic characteristics of Bridge with those of Canasta. Thus ran the blurb in the 1950s. The object of the game is to win tricks, and at the same time make up one or more Calypsoes. A Calypso is a complete set of a player's personal Trump suit, Ace down to two.

Complete with four decks, 'Official Laws' booklet, original Calypso scoring pad, and original miniature layout, and original 'trump' cards. Virtually as new.


The cards and contents are in really good condition and the box has worn corners. Hoyle's Vintage Grading System has it at a Good, Grade 2 (see here).