Alice in Wonderland chess pieces


Based on Sir John Tenniel's original illustrations for the Alice's Adventures in Wonderland book, cold-cast and either hand-painted in enamel and differentiated by blue and red accent colours, or stained to give an antique ebony/ivory finish. 

Key figures:

  • King: King of Hearts (3.5" tall)
  • Queen: Alice
  • Bishop: Mad Hatter
  • Knight: White Knight
  • Castle: Tweedledum and Tweedledee
  • Pawn: White Rabbit

Made from cold-cast powdered marble and resin in Somerset.


Due to being a hand painted artisan product, every set will be unique and your set will vary slightly in colour from the pictures on our website.

These playing pieces look beautiful on our traditional wood boards . A board is not included but we have pictured the hand-painted set on an 18" Lady Margaret Hall board (sold separately).