5-Letter Wordlet

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Think of a five letter word … any letters in the right place? Or is it a correct letter in the wrong place? We all love a word guessing game and now with 5-Letter Wordlet, this hugely popular single player online trend (wordle) can now be brought into the home and played in competition with family and friends on games nights!

The objective of the game is to be the first player to correctly guess 5 secret words. The youngest player begins as Word Master and selects the secret word card at random, the other players then write down their first word guess. The word master then uses the blue and green answer cards to indicate any letters that are in the correct place or any letters that are correct but not in the right place. Play continues until a player guesses the word correctly to win the card.


2 - 4 Players 

Age 8+

Word Making | Party Game