4.25" Jaques of London Staunton Reproduction - 2000


Often referred as the 'ultimate' chess set for collectors to own, we have obtained a very rare and excellent English reproduction of the original 1850 Jaques of London Staunton pattern set, which was famously used in chess tournaments from 1850-55. 

We believe that this set in question was one of only two ever made by Donay Games (the boxwood king displays their mark). This reproduction was made in 2000, is triple weighted and was crafted from antiqued Boxwood and pure Gabon Ebony. 

The king measures 4.25" tall and note the stamped red crowns to King's side rooks and knights. 

What makes this set so unique is that it was entirely manufactured in England as opposed to the majority of other reproductions which were made in America. 

We have paired this set with a beautiful 19th century hinged mahogany box with a bone diamond escutcheon. 


Excellent condition, Grade 1 under the Hoyles Vintage Grading System which you can find here.