Will's Woodbine Cricket game - 1933


Promotional game by the Wills Woodbine cigarettes manufacturer made in 1933. Advertising 'Wild Woodbine Cigarettes, W.D. H.O. Wills, Bristol & London'. 

Team or player scoring the highest number of runs before being out wins the game. 

The game is a rectangular metal board, with a lever on the top and two windows, one for when you are out, the other for how many runs you scored with that ball. There is a sliding 'door' that is moved over the wheel that is not relevant at the time. You start with the runs indicator window being open. Press the lever and the wheel will spin around. The number showing when it stops is how many runs you scored with that delivery. But if the result is How's That, then you are out, and the runs scored wheel is blocked off and you again press the lever to see how you were out.

The player that scores the most runs after all their wickets have fallen, wins.

In good condition and works with no issues at all. There are a few scratch marks particularly on the back, so it may have been moved around a lot. Would make a fantastic collectors piece. Grade 2 under the Hoyle's Vintage Grading System.