St George style chess set in unweighted Ebony and Boxwood - 19th Century


Some of the most popular patterns seen on chess sets during the Victorian period include Staunton and Calvert – the latter of which was based on the work of John Calvert, one of the top chess set makers in England from 1791. This boxwood and ebony chess set from the 19th century combines features of both the St. George and Calvert design. 

King height: 2.75" 

Please note, this item is a truly original vintage piece with slight imperfections and distinctive characteristics that add to its charm and celebrate its unique history.


One of the black knights is a later replacement in the correct style but is dark brown in colour, and measures 1.75 in height, against 1.9 inches of the black original. The white king is also around 1mm out of true, but barely noticeable. Also one black pawn is broken but otherwise the set is in good condition and comes without a box. Grade 3 under the Hoyles Vintage Grading System.