Grand Prix Merry Go Round Race Game - Circa 1900

£450.00 £795.00

This early 1900s French parlour game would be a brilliant piece for any collector. 

The 'Grand Prix Merry Go Round' features eight die-cut cardboard racehorses and jockeys attached to a central metal rod. When tipped over, the horses begin spinning down the rod, with the first or last one to reach the feather finish line declared the winner. Each turn, players bet on which horse will come out ahead.

Crafted from durable cardboard and metal over a century ago, this game has held up reasonably well! 

Box Dimensions: 43.5cm length x 12.5cm width x 11cm depth
Game Dimensions: 42cm height x 11cm diameter 
Horse Dimensions: 10.5cm width x 4.5cm height

Fully functioning but the post is bent slightly and most of the cardboard horses have damaged legs. The game is contained within the original but tatty box and we have made and attached replacement finishing posts/ feathers. Grade 3 under the Hoyles Vintage Grading System