Tri-Tactics - 1940s


The most complex of H P Gibsons games, combining the three games of Military, Sea and Aviation Tactics (viz., L'Attaque, Aerial Tactics and Dover Patrol). Far fewer Tri-Tactics were produced and are consequently much harder to find. The original orange box is in good condition and though three of the corners have come apart, it is complete. The board is excellent and completely undamaged. Full complement of cardboard pieces, with original WW 2 artwork, e.g. Flying Boat, Searchlight Batteries, Cruiser, Anti-Aircraft Gun, Two seater fighter (Boulton Paul Defiant), and Two Tr--Tactics Value Tables, and original TRi-Tactics Rules and Hints on Play. A great example of the game, we think dated to mid to late 1940s.

Good condition, Grade 2, under the Hoyle's Vintage Grading System.