The New Game of Halma - 1890


(Did you know halma is the Greek word for jump?)

Played on a board with 256 small squares, 16 along each side, in the corners there are heavy lines marking off a 'yard' or starting area of 13 squares with two diagonally opposite ones having an extra line marking out 19 squares. There are four sets of playing pieces, each of a different colour, two sets of 13 and two sets of 19. The game may be played by two, three or four players playing separately, or by four players playing as partners. The game is won by the first player or pair to move his pieces from his own yard into the yard diagonally opposite!

Published by J. Jaques & Son, London.' which dates it to c. 1890. 


Includes all pieces. 

Board Dimensions: 14.5 inches 

Grade 2 Good under the Hoyles Vintage Grading System