Star Trek Fluxx


Fluxx is a game of ever changing rules and goals for victory. Each turn you draw one new card and play one card, but you can play cards that change the rules, such as to draw more than one card, play more the one card or limit the number of cards you can have.

During the game you will collect keepers from Star Trek The Next Generation, such as Captain Picard, the Transporters or Wesley Crusher. You collect these keepers to achieve the goals which can be played and change any number of times during the game, can you collect Wesley and Dr Crusher to achieve The Crusher's goal, or perhaps Computer Brains by having Data and the computer in front of you. But beware, during the game you might gain a creeper! Creepers usually stop you from winning the game and can be difficult to get rid of. The Borg, Romulans or Cardassians might stop you in your tracks. Or a malfunctioning phaser might be the end of your game. Creepers are not the only problem you might encounter, your opponents will also play surprise cards against you, vetoing your played cards, cancelling your actions and plans or even stealing your keepers out form under you and snatching victory in the process!


2 -6 Players

Age 8+

Light Card Game