Game contents and box
Game contents and box
Board game front cover
Game box back cover
Shogun board, birdseye view
Shogun game, laid out for play

Shogun board game


Eliminate your enemies and become Shogun of Japan in this game of strategy, secrecy and diplomacy. The time is mid sixteenth century and five formidable warlords prepare for a climactic clash of arms. As one of five warlords, your victory will depend on how expertly you extend and defend your domain. Guard your three powerful daimyo leaders and their armies of samurai and peasant warriors will serve you well. Decide when and where to strike and how many troops to levy. Collect income as a reward for provincial conquest. Protect your growing empire by forming a bond of mutual loyalty with an enemy warlord. But be wary of the knife in the back! Extra large game board, deck of 72 cards and 406 playing pieces and much more. In good condition and full contents.