Root - Riverfolk Expansion


The first expansion to Root, the Riverfolk expansion adds the otter traders and lizard cult factions to the war game. 

The Riverfolk Company (otters) are traders travelling along the rivers on the maps, adding a whole new flavour to the game. With an open hand for all to see, other players can spend their forces as currency to buy not only cards but riverboats and cute otter mercenaries. Otters then use these funds to move, battle and establish new trade posts to score more and more points.

The Lizard Cult (lizards) are religious zealots performing a variety of conspiracies, resurrecting dead warriors into acolytes and building gardens to accrue points. Starting slow and under the radar, this hard to master faction is a fan favourite.

Also included are a 2nd Vagabond (including 3 vagabond cards) and The Mechanical Marquise for the option of cooperative play.

(Root, a woodland game of right and might base game required to play)