Pigmy Playing Cards - 1890-1900


Vintage Pigmy playing cards were originally created in the late 19th century by Thomas De la Rue, the man credited with inventing the playing card as we know it.

We are able to date these cards reasonably accurately due to several points, up until 1890 these cards will have had squared corners and more unusual indices with the numbers being in white. But it wan't until 1900 that jokers were included in the decks (this deck is without). 

This particular set features two miniature packs of 52 cards, making 104 in total, and the cards are outlined with a fine gold trim.


Two of the four corners on the box have tears so it is fairly fragile to open. The cards are in generally good condition with a few having signs of wear from use. Grade 3 under the Hoyles Vintage Grading System.