Physogs - 1930


This is a card game with a difference, combining the principles of an identikit, with the game play of collecting and matching sets typical of card games.

The object of the game is not merely the piecing together of features but the building of faces, the features of which are consistent with each other. The eyes, nose, mouth etc. must not, in its respective ‘character’, conflict with any other feature. It is possible, by various combinations of these cards, to form 13 different types of facial character and the types are described on the type cards and in the key book. This game is not to be likened in any way to a jigsaw puzzle.

It is a definite character analysis by the use of real photographic reproductions, invented by Jacques Penry, the author of "Character from the Face" (published by Hutchinson). 


Rare to find a copy in such good condition, Grade 1 under the Hoyles Vintage Grading System (see here).