Muffin the Mule card game - 1951


Muffin the wooden mule puppet first appeared on ‘For The Children’, the 20-minute show hosted by Annette Mills just after the war in 1946. It became a forerunner to today’s Children’s Television.

A range of spin-off merchandise followed using the Muffin character and this card game was published by Pepys in c.1951. In the game Muffin is supported by other puppets including Peregrine the Penguin, Louise the Lamb, Oswald the Ostrich, Willie the Worm, Peter the Dog, Katie the Kangaroo, Grace the Giraffe and Wally the Gog. 


The game has survived in remarkable condition for its age and appears to have had little use. Contains a full deck of 44 brightly coloured cards showing Muffin and Friends.  The original Rules are still present.  The box is also in good order with the top and two side flaps still attached as shown. This is very nearly a Grade 1 under the Hoyles Vintage Grading System.