Monopoly - Signature Edition


Chase your fortune with this ready-to-display Monopoly Signature Collection board game! Roll the red dice to purchase properties, and raise rent with luxe Houses and Hotels. Players can arrange the foil-treated money in their own personal tray and move around the board with one of 8 red enamel Monopoly tokens. Chance and Community Chest cards may lead players down the path to bankruptcy so don't get too comfortable! Accumulate wealth, test friendships, and create lifelong memories for generations to come.

Monopoly Signature Collection Board Game: This Keepsake-Worthy Edition Of The Monopoly Board Game Features An Elegant Design, High-Quality Packaging And Components, And In-Box Storage Solutions.

Players Buy, Sell And Trade To Win: With Classic Monopoly Gameplay, Players Buy, Sell, Dream, And Scheme Their Way To Riches.


2 - 6 Players 

Ages 8+ 

Family Classic