MicroMacro Crime City Full House


MicroMacro: Crime City is a hugely successful deduction game where you’re given a map and a series of clues. The map contains 15+ cases to complete, all hidden and trailing around the city. MicroMacro: Crime City - Full House is more of the same, but with a brand new district of the city! The game works as both an expansion to the original, and as a separate experience.

Starting each case, you’re given something on the map to find, Where’s Wally style. This is your entry point. From here, you can read the rest of the cards to get clues, or piece together the entire case on your own! From a murder in a back alley, can you find the culprit’s house, as well as the murder weapon and the stashed loot? Almost every character in the map has a story, not just the criminals too! Is someone meeting up with some friends to play MicroMacro in the city, I wonder?

Something that was super useful from the creators of  MicroMacro: Crime City - Full House which brings something new and awesome from the original, are the symbols added to each case. These symbols allow parents to decide what cases are suitable for the kids, and what is not.


1 - 4 Players 

Age 10+ 

Light Strategy | Murder Mystery