Logomachy - 1886


Logomachy plays like Casino or Scopa with words.

Players in their turn either combine one card from the hand with cards on the table to make words, or add a card from the hand to the pool. At the end of the hand, one scores 3 points for taking the most cards, 1 for each prize card, 2 for each double prize card, and 1 for each sweep (a sweep is if you remove all the cards currently on the table during your turn).

The box is made partially of wood, which has enabled it to be well preserved. The inside of the box is clean a unmarked. The exterior of the box has some wear around the edges and on the corners, but it is generally in sturdy and attractive condition however the colour has faded as it was likely a brighter colour when first released.

Includes all 72 cards and instructions. 


Good condition, Grade 2 under the Hoyles Vintage Grading System (see here).