Learn the game of go at the Covered Market! Hoyle's x Tap Social

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Join us on the second Thursday of every month at Market Tap, in the heart of Oxford's Covered Market, from 7pm till late. Players from the University and City clubs will be joining us to teach and share their expertise!

Whether you're an old hand or total newbie, all are welcome. 

Beginner class: 7-8pm £10 (ticket includes access to social play)

Social play for all: 8pm onwards £5 (or free if you bring your own set)

  • All tickets purchased are redeemable as Hoyle's gift vouchers, valid in-store or online. (And for those planning to come regularly, rest assured you can redeem more than one gift card at a time too.)
  • Enjoy 10% off your favourite drinks at Market Tap during the event
  • Enjoy 10% off all Hoyle's go range on the night

See you on the board!

(Note: Details on redeeming the £5 gift voucher will be provided at checkout and in a follow-up email. Please contact us with any questions.)


What is 'go' though?!?!

There are two (free) documentaries that we highly recommend watching to learn more about the game:

  • The Surrounding Game, which follows the lives of three young Americans vying to become the first Western professional players. A lovely introduction to the game, its history and how it's played now.
  • AlphaGo - The Movie. An award-winning documentary documenting the journey taken by Google's Deepmind team to create AI system AlphaGo... admittedly that sounds like it could be a pretty dry documentary, but we actually found it pretty emotional by the end! A great watch, fascinating stuff.