Board game box, front cover
Board game box, front cover
Board, birdseye view
Board game contents

Kingmaker board game - 1978


One of the most sought-after historical re-enactment games of all time, for any number of players. It recreates the Wars of the Roses, starting in 1453, when the birth of a son to King Henry VI and his queen, Margaret of Anjou, finally shattered the hopes of Richard Duke of York, that he might succeed to the throne peacefully. The game can be played by any number of players (to a recommended maximum of 12). Taking turns, each player moves Noble pieces, attempting to control Royal pieces, which represent members of the rival houses of York and Lancaster. At the start of the game, the players are allocated Nobles, together with cards that may be used to augment their varying strengths. Players draw additional cards from the Crown pack at the end of each turn. A second pack, (the Event Pack) is drawn at the start of each turn and outlines various conditions affecting play. The same pack is then used to resolve conflicts between rival groups of Nobles. The winner is the player who controls the last surviving crown or Royal Piece. 1978, in good condition.