Kan-u-go - 1950s


This is a brilliant card game that was first published in 1934 with this copy dating to the 1950s. The general purpose of the game was to aid spelling skills but the aim is to get rid of all the cards as soon as possible.

This game has 50 cards and the players have a choice of one of four moves. They take turns trying to form a complete word from the cards in hand. The word is placed face up on the table and the players discard one of their cards and take either the exposed card or a blind one. Players can add to words already formed, for example, changing mother to smother or substitute letters, for example replacing the 'e' from expert with an 'o' to form export. As the game proceeds a crossword is formed so that after several turns the playing surface looks somewhat like a Scrabble board.

2 - 7 Players 

We have two copies available in different conditions.

The first two images relate to a copy that has no rips or tears, just bashed corners and is a Grade 2 under the Hoyles Vintage Grading System
The last four images relate to a copy that is quite worn and has a sticker mark to the front but has lost very little colouration, Grade 3 under the Hoyle's Vintage Grading System