Jiggle-Joggle The Frog Race Game - 1905


A simple but rather elegant parlour game made by Royal Letters Patent, England in 1905.

Frogs named Bully, Toby and Fatty are made to crawl along the floor by jiggling and joggling the string.

To start, tie one end of the cord to a chair or table, the cord being about nine inches from the ground. The players then go to the other end of the cords, then by pulling and slackening the cords alternately, the frogs will leap forward. The frogs must start from where the cords are held. When they pass the winning line, indicated on the floor, the frogs may be reversed and raced back to the start if players desire. 


Box is worn on the corners (Grade 2) but the contents are in excellent condition and this is the rarest copy of this game that we have seen, Grade 1 under the Hoyle's Vintage Grading System (see here).