Hare and Tortoise

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A board game of skill, wisdom and pace, Hare and Tortoise was the first game to win the prestigious Spiel des Jahres award in 1979. The fundamentals are unchanged and this revamped edition of the original is a game for all the family. In your race to the finish line your hare will be fuelled by the carrots in your hand. The further you move, the more carrots you spend, and you will need to make sure you take a moment to stock up again if you go haring off into the distance. Alternatively, you might like to take the tortoise-like approach, plodding ahead slowly but steadily as you gain on those opponents who have had to take a break. If you can pace yourself correctly, and anticipate where your opponents might end up, you might even be able to collect some bonus carrots on your way round the board. Anyone for a dramatic sprint to the finish line?


2-6 Players

Ages 8+

Classic Game | Race Game