Fore, the golf game - 1987


Fore is a golfing game of skill, judgement and chance, played over 18 holes. By a unique combination of dice rolls and 104 stroke cards, over 10,000 shots are available, from a hole in one to an air shot. Just like the real thing, no two games can ever be the same. The rules are simple and the courses neatly defined.

For each shot, players select a club, roll a die and draw a card. Results are obtained by cross referencing the club, the die throw and the card. A special 1-3 die is used for putting.

FORE - The Golf Game is a game where some prior knowledge of golf might be useful but is not essential. Skill and judgment are required, but chance features just as much.

2-4 players, 90 minutes, age 10 plus.

Hoyles Vintage Grading Structure makes this a grade 2, good.