Board game box cover
Board game box cover
tiles laid out for play

Carcassonne: Star Wars


Carcassonne: Star Wars combines the exciting adventures of the Star Wars universe with the gameplay of Carcassonne, simplifying the original rules of the game with clever changes that bring an entirely new feel to the game.

Roads are replaced by Trading Routes and claimed by Merchants instead of Robbers. Asteroid Fields replace Cities and are claimed by Explorers instead of Knights. Finally, Cloisters are replaced by Planets and claimed by Conquerers instead of Monks. (There is no farming equivalent though.) Faction symbols (Empire, Rebel Alliance and Bounty Hunters) provide scoring bonuses regardless of what faction your Meeples belong to. One notable change is that Planets can be conquered by placing tiles adjacent to the Planet tile where the player now has the options of placing a Meeple on the adjacent Planet tile or on the tile he placed.

There is also a four player team variant where it is the two Empire colours (black/Darth Vader and white/Storm Troopers) versus the two Rebel Alliance colours (red/Luke Skywalker and green/Yoda).

...Orange/Boba Fett is not used.