Campaign, Waddingtons - 1971


An exciting strategy game in which each player can become a Napoleon or a Wellington, leading his army across Europe. Famous battles can be refought and alliances can be made and broken with this compelling game of military and political strategy.

The game reproduces the Napoleonic wars at the strategic level. It can be won either by the outright defeat of your opponent, or by acquiring towns controlling large areas of territory. The board is an abstract representation of Europe and western Russia and is divided into six areas of roughly equal size representing France, Prussia, Russia, Austria, Italy and Spain.


2 - 4 Players 

Age 10+

Dimensions 20in x 10in x 2in, (51cm x 25.5cm x 2.5cm).



We have there copies available and each are in very similar condition and complete with full sets of military playing pieces, tri-fold board of Europe, the original rules and complete original contents.

They are well played with and one or two corners are dis-joined. Grade 2 under Hoyle's Vintage Grading System. (see here)