Astute card game - 1930s


With a set of 52 letter cards, Astute is a Scrabble-y sort of game.

The game is played in two stages. The first stage is regular Pairs: all players try to match as many cards as they can. When all the pairs are collected, stage 2 begins.
Now players get 5 minutes to spell out as many words as they can with the cards they personally matched earlier. No card can be used twice and Universal cards can be any letter the player wants. Points are scored according to the word length; 3 letter word = 3 points, 4 letter word = 6 points, 5 letter words = 9 points. There is no mention of words longer than 5 letters... we presume they score 9 points as well!


Includes original rules. Tuck box in good condition. Hoyle's Grading System - Good - Grade 2.