Ascot race game - 1905


This game first appeared in 1871 when a patent for Ascot was taken out by the makers and the original design was in the Art Nouveau style, but this particular model came out slightly later with a more toned down design but an improved mechanism. Dating at around 1905 by Jaques of London. 

The game is contained within a varnished wooden box, with eight heavy metal racehorses attached to a brass spindle inside the box with threads. A hand crank on the side of the box winds the spindle, allowing the horses to 'race' down the table in a random fashion, players would then bet on which horse would win the race.

Includes the original lithographed coloured label atop the pine and yew wood hinged case with original swing hooks, bone and brass winding handle and six painted metal horses with jockeys.

Also note this has been restrung and felted by us. 

Excellent condition, Grade 1 under the Hoyle's Vintage Grading System.