Social media manager - 6 month placement

*Please note that we are only accepting applicants who fulfil the Kickstart scheme criteria, being 16-24 years old and currently on Universal Credit*

The role

Our social media presence is pretty meagre at the moment, to say the least. We want you to help us grow our online presence across relevant platforms and create great content - make it something to really be proud of! If you do a good job, you’ll also have an impressive ‘rags to riches’ project to point to in your next role. 

We’re looking for someone to join us for 25 hours a week, ideally: we’re very happy to negotiate on what that looks like in terms of hours spent in the shop vs. remote working for the right candidate once the lockdown relaxes, but for the moment it'll all be online.

You’ll be spending your time:

Putting together a social media strategy for us: how often do you think we should post, about what and where? We’re keen to focus on Instagram, but if you think we should also be spending more time on other platforms, we’re open to convincing!

Overseeing all social media activity and engaging with our customers online.

Monitoring key metrics and feeding back to us on what you’ve learnt.

Creating beautiful social media images and videos, with well-written content to post alongside them. Liaising with our photographer and copywriter to produce posts where necessary.

Working with our ecommerce executive to create a promotional calendar based around key events, themes and seasons, and making sure that the social media posts align with that plan.


Ideally, you’ll:

Be a social media and digital native: you’ll already be great at creating beautiful images and videos.

Have a way with words: you’ll be able to build and maintain an online voice for us, conveying our ethos, values, and love of games.

Have great grammar and attention to detail - no typos or misplaced apostrophes please!

Show a willingness and keenness to learn. We’re very happy to teach you anything you need to but don’t already know, but you’ll need to be enthusiastic and hard-working.

Be a self-starter: if you need help, you’ll be quick to try and find solutions, but ask if you can’t find them. You’ll come up with new ideas all the time, and be excited about trying and learning new things.

As a bonus, you’ll:

Be interested in games! Whether you’re obsessed with indie board games, rubiks cubes time trials, jigsaws, vintage collectible playing cards or more traditional games like chess and backgammon, it would be great if you had an interest in at least one of our product areas.

Have a keen interest in ecommerce! You’ll understand how Amazon and Ebay work, maybe Etsy and other platforms too.

Be handy with Gmail and Google Drive generally.


Close knit team: there are just a few of us on the team at Hoyle’s and we’d love you to become part of the family. We want to help you succeed in whatever you go on to do after your time with us, so we’ll be helping plan your onward journey right from the get-go with training: we’ll work with you to create a bespoke learning plan with this in mind, using external training programs and courses.

We’re using the government’s Kickstart scheme - which offers reimbursement at minimum wage levels - to help us offer this role, but we will be raising the pay/hour to Living Wage for the full 6 months.

Staff discount on all of our products.

Regular breakfast catch-ups at one of our favourite spots nearby, as soon as lockdown is lifted!

Next steps:

Please send a CV and cover letter to (Please note that we will be reviewing applications on a rolling basis, so the sooner the better!) In your cover letter, please detail:

What social media experience (professional or otherwise) and interest you have. Your future plans! What skills you’d like to gain during your time with us.

Your interest in our range: are you more keen on traditional games or board games? Jigsaws or rubiks cubes? Please feel free to go into as much or as little detail as you see fit.

A brief overview of your experience to date: relevant education, professional experience, personal interest…

Anything else you’d like us to know!

We look forward to hearing from you.