Carcassonne: Count, King and Robber

272 kr

This expansion for the original Carcassonne contains four small expansions: King & Scout, The Count of Carcassonne, The River II and The Cult.

Choose to rule the city or patrol the roads and gain bonus points with the new king and robber tiles. Only a king can rule a large city. Grow your city and claim the king tile for bonus points. Explore the roads instead and claim the bonus points for the longest road with the robber tile. The city belongs to the king, but the roads are the robber’s domain.

 Two large city tiles let you start the game with the eponymous city itself. The mysterious count oversees the city of Carcassonne, patrolling the main areas of the city: the castle, the market, the blacksmith and the cathedral. Free trapped followers or block other followers with the count’s movement around the city.


(Expansion, requires Carcassonne base game to play)