Mandarin chess pieces


Reproduction of a traditional ivory Mandarin chess set, imported into the UK in the mid to late nineteenth century. With six individually sculpted designs, cold-cast and stained to give an antique finish, the two sides to this set are differentiated by an ebony/ivory colour. 

Key figures:

  • King: Mandarin emperor. (3.5")
  • Queen: Mandarin empress.
  • Bishop: Chief minister.
  • Knight: Riders of the Royal Escort.
  • Castle: Ceremonial elephants.
  • Pawn: the Palace Guard. 

Antique finish only, made from cold-cast powdered marble and resin in Somerset.


Due to being a hand painted artisan product, every set will be unique and your set will vary slightly in colour from the pictures on our website.

These playing pieces look beautiful on our traditional wood boards. A board is not included. We have pictured this set on an 20" Oriel board (sold separately).