Poker dice set


Test your luck with this poker set. Roll for the best hand amongst friends and hope you ace it! Dice faces include: King, Queen, Jack, Ace,10 and 9.

A popular alternative to the card game of poker, instead of the 'pips' on regular dice, poker dice have representations of cards on their faces. Just like the card version, Poker Dice is a game of skill and chance. Goal: To roll the best Poker hand. Gameplay: Each player has three rolls.

On the first roll, they roll all five poker dice. They may then set aside any number of dice (including zero) and re-roll the remainder. After the second roll, they may once again set aside any number of dice and re-roll the remainder. Once poker dice are set aside, they may not be re-rolled. A player is not required to make a second or third roll.


Supplied within a clear plastic case with a set of rules.