Peter Gal: F and U compatibility puzzle


The F and U compatibility book is an example of identical shape finding challenges. It is possible to create interesting puzzles using only two types of pentominoes. This multi-challenge book contains (not so) easy and very hard puzzles with F and U pentominoes.

Puzzle overview:

1. Show that F and U pentominoes are compatible.

2. Create the same shape using 2F plus 1U and 1F plus 2U.

3. Create the same shape using 3F plus 1U and 1F plus 3U.

4. Create the same shape using 7F and 7U.

5. Put the pieces back into the booklet such that there is a symmetrical arrangement of holes.

Like the rest of the collection, the wooden pieces are kept in a wooden tray, within a booklet bound with a colourful linen finish with contrasting colour spine. 

Including packaging, puzzle measures 150mm x 100mm x 12mm