Kargo golf card game - 1930s

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Kargo golf card game was manufactured by Castell Brothers Ltd for Pepys Games, c.1936. The game was originally designed by Bruce Angrave (1914-1983) and first manufactured by Gaymes Ltd for Kum-Bak Sports Toys & Games in c.1931. Castell Bros (Pepys) subsequently took over the game in about 1935, continuing to re-issue it for several decades. The designs are virtually identical to the earlier version, except for some additional green colouring on the grassy areas.

No knowledge of golf required! Play eight different courses! The turn of the card determines, club used, hazards, length of shot, putt etc.


Complete with tuck lid boxes in complete but worn condition. Fair condition overall, Grade 3, under Hoyle's Vintage Grading System.