Buccaneer 2nd Edition - 1950s

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This is a rare early 1950s (2nd edition) of ‘Buccaneer’ – the classic family board game by Waddington’s. This edition has retained some of the popular elements from the first edition such as the beautifully crafted pieces of ‘treasure’, which are much heavier and more detailed than in all of the later editions of the game. Along with the boat playing pieces with detachable sails. 

This version changed slightly with the introduction of a folding board, rather than the roll up version in original copies and has a whole in the centre for the island piece which holds the cards. 

This game is complete and still has all of the original treasure (plus some pieces from other sets), boats and cards.


This copy has some age-related wear along with a bit of pen on the outside of the board, but the damage is relatively minor (some creasing and small marks to the map and sails etc.) and the game is in good condition for its age. Grade 3 under the Hoyles Vintage Grading System

- Please see last image as it relates to the new masts and sails that were made for the game (these could be used as a template to make better ones)