Seastrike - 1974


A fantastic copy of Seastrike made by Ariel in 1974.

This is a game of modern naval warfare - providing a simplified but realistic simulation of the planning and tactics of naval combat today on a local scale. ... Basically each side secretly selects and deploys the forces, which may include guided missile ships, submarines, helicopters, multi-role aircraft and land-based missile sites, considered necessary to achieve a defined objective. The ships and aircraft are moved and guided missiles and other weapons fired. Combat is resolved by means of a carefully programmed 'computer-card' system.

"Two approaches to the game are suggested, SEASTRIKE I and SEASTRIKE II. The former is a single complete game and the latter is more detailed and more flexible and enables players to evolve their own games."
(From the promotional material)

This is a naval cold-war war game somewhere between miniatures and boardgames. It uses cards, write-on counters, and measuring devices. The board is made up of 4 cards which can be re-arranged to change the layout. 

Scale: 1/100,000. 1 cm = 1 km (size of counters excepted)


2 Players        

Age 12+     

Average game time: 15 - 90 minutes 

Box dimensions: 50 x 32 x 4cm


A little rubbing of printed surface around the edges and corners, but no rips and tears. More importantly none of the cardboard tokens have been removed from their backing sheets. Grade 1, excellent condition under the Hoyle's Vintage Grading System.