Halma - 1920/40s


Halma is a famous old Victorian game in which the objective is not to capture your opponent's pieces but instead to hop over them in an effort to get to the opposite side first. Similar to Chinese Checkers but with more depth and added complexity as there are 8 directions of movement instead of 6. 

This edition is from two different periods, the box with its brilliant artwork and rules printed on the inside is from the 1920s and the board is slightly later from the 1940s. All the wooden playing pieces are in tact and original. 

Box dimensions: 13cm width x 10cm length x 3cm height 

Board dimensions: 31cm x 31.5cm 


Great condition, a little wear and tear to the corners of the board and box but otherwise complete. Grade 2 under the Hoyles Vintage Grading System (see here).