Superclub is hands-on football management at its finest – a revolution for a genre in desperate need of one. Finally, a board game that can recreate, and in many cases improve, the feelings you got from the past's fast-paced digital football manager games.

Whenever people play a board game of this calibre it can feel a little overwhelming with all the rules and details you have to take in. But Superclub really holds your hand when it comes to explaining everything. Even if you manage to get stuck while playing the game. It has little reminders along the edge of the main board on what to do next.

What makes Superclub different from other football board games is the level of detail it goes into. Think of Football Manager on the PC but laid out on a table. Setup doesn’t take too long either so that’s a good start because nobody wants to set a game up to where it takes longer to prepare than actually play the game.

The first thing is pre-season where you get the chance to buy players, acquire staff, build upgrades and just generally dust away any cobwebs that you think your team has. Once this stage is over then it’s time for the start of the season. During the season your objective is to win the league (obviously) or to get promoted.

The season consists of many games, some against another player and others against a preset team where it all comes down to the roll and the dice. The better your team is and has more stars then the harder it will be to get the certain number you need on the dice to win the game. So even if you have way more stars than another team in the league it all comes down to the RNG of the dice. Giving the underdogs a chance to beat you.

To ultimately win the game then you have to either win three league cups in a row to enter the Supercup Final and play a game against the best teams in the game or the first player to 100 points win. The longevity of each season can depend on how many players there are. The more players then the longer the seasons. So a playthrough can last anywhere from 45 minutes to about 3 hours. It all depends on you.


2 - 4 Players 

Age 12+ 

Medium Strategy | Football